Daily planning app for teams

Take the most out of each day

Dailyboard is a daily planner for everyone in your company. It helps teams easily sync their work and avoid unneccessary roadblocks.


Dedicated spaces without a scatter

Bring everyone from your team or task force on board. Plan your work in various contexts while still seeing all your commitments.

Shared boards

Create shared boards for every team or any context you work in. Have a bird's eye view on everyone's plans for a day and status of their commitments.

Personal board

Plan your day as a team, and then use personal board to focus. See personal boards of other people to check the status of anything that's important to you.

Your plans always at hand

Your all commitments are visible in every contexts, so you can make new promises with confidence in your capacity.


Commit to succeed

Dailyboard facilitates commitment - define who, what and when with one click. Replace "it needs to be done" with "I will do it".

Clear, visual status updates

Dailyboard visually distincts met commitments from the unmet ones and helps your team manage workload.

Link to anything

Dailyboard makes it easy to reflect your commitments to Slack threads, meetings, e-mails and anything that requires your time.

Quickly duplicate commitments

If you need to continue work on the same problem - duplicate a commitment with all information, using a simple drag and drop.


Works at any scale

Working across multiple timezones or with many organizations? No problem, Dailyboard's got you covered!


Have a shared understanding of due time, regardless of timezones you all work in.

Multiple organizations

Having a side-project? No problem - Dailyboard will help you organize everything in a single place.


Dailyboard is a game-changer for a variety of teams

Dailyboard has transformed my daily and weekly planning routine. While managing various projects, I used to struggle to find a central location that listed all tasks my partners and I had to complete in a single day. Now, thanks to Dailyboard, we have a clear overview of what each team member is working on and why, making our daily coordination more efficient.

Mikołaj Kolasiński
Managing director

Implementing Dailyboard has markedly improved our team coordination, providing a clear structure for our weekly tasks and daily meetings. Its user-friendly interface fosters a collaborative environment that enhances communication and keeps the entire team aligned with our project goals.

Miłosz Bednarzak
Data Engineering Manager

In my daily routine, I often lacked a more detailed insight into the team's work plan. A list of tasks with deadlines was not enough, especially when dividing my time between multiple projects. We were looking for a solution that would help us capture all dependencies and take into account our individual workloads. Dailyboard helped us effectively allocate our time and support each other in tasks that require collaboration.

Ewa Kamińska
UX/UI Lead


Invest in your time

Imagine you'd get an extra hour a week from each of your teammates. With Dailyboard you buy this time for a fraction of its cost.


$4 / user / mo.

Get early access and receive a custom-tailored onboarding and workflow consultation from our team.

  • Custom onboarding experience
  • Unlimited boards
  • Full commitments history
  • Unconditional refund within the first 60 days
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